The working principle and operation of circular knitting machine

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The winding process: the yarn forms the coil, and the longitudinal string and transverse connection become the knitted fabric.
So the ring is the basic process of knitting.
The forming process can be broken down into the following stages: rewinding - the newly formed coil (called the old coil) from the hook to the needle;
Filling yarn - feeding yarn to knitting needles;
Curved yarn -- the shape of the yarn bent into a coil;
Tape yarn - moves the yarn on the new mat or the newly bent coil to the needle hook.
Closed - closed knitting needles;
Ring - trap the old wire into a needle with a closed needle.
Encircle - new yarn or new coils and old coils meet in and out of the needle hook;
Take off the coil -- the old coil is removed from the hook to the new coil;
A ring - a new coil of closed and specified size;
Pull - pull the new coil out of the coil area.
This new coil becomes the old coil in the next cycle.
There are two kinds of knitting and knitting process.

In the process of knitting, the forming cycle is carried out in the above order.
In the process of forming a loop, the winding starts from the loop, and is carried out at the same time.
On some of the knitting machines, the knitting needles are completed in sequence.
There are also some knitting machines in the process of knitting the entire length of the needle.

The knitting production can be woven into various kinds of fabric, which can be cut and sewn into various knitwear, and can be woven directly into the product to make full forming or partial forming products.
Using forming process can save raw materials, simplify or eliminate cutting and sewing processes, and improve the performance of products.
The knitting production is short of process, the raw material is adaptable, the variety is fast, the products are wide range, the noise is small, the energy consumption is small, and the rapid development.
Since the 1970 s, greatly improved the productivity of knitting machine, such as circular weft knitting machine needle (tongue) about a minute can weave 3000 course, most of the warp knitting machine woven picture is 427 centimeters, maximum knitting 2000 course per minute, single cylinder hosiery machine speed up to 1000 revolutions per minute.
The use of electronic technology to control the knitting machine work, improved the machine efficiency.
The installation of all kinds of active feed yarn devices on the machine can improve the product quality.
Attached some mechanism on the machine can knit all kinds of organizational structure and different USES of the knitted fabric, such as application of needle selection mechanism make the knitting needle work in accordance with the pre-arranged program, to weave jacquard fabric;
Using the comb hair mechanism to feed the loose fibers into the knitting needles to weave plush knitted fabric;
The lining of the application is lined with weft insertion, and the woven lining is lined with weft knitted fabric.
There are over 350 kinds of knitting machines.
With the development of the new chemical fiber and the finishing process, it has improved the characteristics of the knitted fabric.
The application of finishing techniques such as velveteen, fleece, shearing, rolling and pleating, etc., makes the variety of knitwear more.



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