Company history “Brief Overview”:

The Company is led by a team of experienced professionals with proven track record in Circular Knitting Machine industry. Our global vision, professional management system and exemplary quality of products and services helped us build a credible market reputation in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Central Asia.



The scale of enterprise , the enterprise spirit, Employee image “Corporate Culture”:

the basic rule of talent selection we are persist inconcentrate , perseverance, confidence ,respect talent play them own capacities, pay attention them potential develop and teamwork construction, create a harmonious environment.


We are in continuous search for talents. “Focus, perseverance, (self-)confidence” is the concept that drives the selection of team members, helps enhance their capacities and creates a harmonious environment for highly effective teamwork.


Raw Materials:

We pay particular attention to the quality of materials. We use natural aging techniques to improve durability of metal. Highest manufacturing standards, imported ore, strip iron filings instead of powder iron. Our machines are heavier than similar models available on the market, because we do not economize on the quality.

Our machines are compliant with the European CE safety standard. The electronic wiring is absolutely safe. The automatic shutdown and other safety features prevent from electric shock, broken yarn and other accidents during the production process. Our Clients’ safety is our highest priority.

The rolling, transmission and oiling systems were developed using the European Union’s newest technological innovations.

All machinery components are from the most reliable suppliers – to ensure quality and durability of the equipment.


Machine- fabric testing:

Each machine need high precision standard install and new idea design testing, for making one stable quality, reliable, efficient and durable circular knitting machine. Each knitting machine need the fabric testing, to ensure the each machine qualified rate. Our machine is easy testing fabric, this  characteristics is recognized in the market, you no need highly professional technician, also can be easy test the fabric. Its helpful for send any technician to each area for testing, and solve the machine problem faster and easily.

Each machine to be zero noise and fabric without any dark line inspected.




Each machine passes our quality control system by quality inspector, warehouse manager, merchandiser and shipper counting and checking, clean carefully, equipped with all the accessories, then packing and loading in container.



The machine through destructive test, use the forklift loading the machine rising and down many times, its still can guarantee the machine heart precision no changed, its show that EG core technology design can be ensure the machine precision when shipping, also reflects the strength of the whole set machine structure design level in leading position.




We produce Electronic Computerised Jacquard Knitting machines, High-Speed Single and Double Jersey Knitting Machines, Also we produce all kind of Open Width type machines, as well as 11 type of other textile machinery. All the machine parts process design is designed by the advanced CAXA software and processing by CNC, compare to others in the industry we are in leading position, we are emphasized the whole set machine structural strength and operation smoothness in different running speed.

Our all kinds of textile knitting machine can control the tension of yarn, keep the all yarn tension same and solved many kinds of yarn delivery problem, whether it is cotton, polyester yarn, or now popular soybean fiber, silk, etc., all can be knitted the high quality fabric.



The production management are training by the professional management institute, using the advanced international manufacturing process, can be show the confidence that we want enter the international market and build the worldwide famous brand. We have been establish a long-term cooperation with overseas customers and manufacturers, establish win-win strategic and cooperative partnership , and setting up several after service outlets, to provide around the world customer the first time technical support. We are committed to realizing maximization of market value with a positive attitude, based on international top machinery enterprise standard set sail.




We Guarantee:


Each part is from a reliable supplier

Each machinery component has the exact process manufacturing

Each production process is subject to strict quality control and testing

Each of installation with standard operation

Each machine need test fabric strictly before loading

Each machine need multiple packing and checking



Achieving global customers unlimited imagination for knitted fabric

Going beyond the limits of imagination…


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