About Us

About Us

Company history 

Quanzhou Honknit Machinery Co., LTD is led by a team of experienced professionals with proven track record in Circular Knitting Machine industry. Our global vision, professional management system and exemplary quality of products and services helped us build a credible market reputation in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Central Asia.


We produce Electronic Computerised Jacquard Knitting machines, High-Speed Single and Double Jersey Knitting Machines, Also we produce all kind of Open Width type machines, as well as 11 type of other textile machinery. All the machine parts process design is designed by the advanced CAXA software and processing by CNC, compare to others in the industry we are in leading position, we are emphasized the whole set machine structural strength and operation smoothness in different running speed.

Our all kinds of textile knitting machine can control the tension of yarn, keep the all yarn tension same and solved many kinds of yarn delivery problem, whether it is cotton, polyester yarn, or now popular soybean fiber, silk, etc., all can be knitted the high quality fabric.



The production management are training by the professional management institute, using the advanced international manufacturing process, can be show the confidence that we want enter the international market and build the worldwide famous brand. We have been establish a long-term cooperation with overseas customers and manufacturers, establish win-win strategic and cooperative partnership , and setting up several after service outlets, to provide around the world customer the first time technical support. We are committed to realizing maximization of market value with a positive attitude, based on international top machinery enterprise standard set sail.